Permanent Collection

Our Permanent Collection features work by island artists and others who depict Grand Manan and the Fundy region, our people, and our maritime traditions.

To build, maintain and showcase the collection we need your financial support.  Quality and relevant work suitable for a public collection needs to be acquisitioned in order to be protected and preserved.

The Grand Manan Art Gallery welcomes the donation of funds and artwork of regional significance.

If our Permanent Collection is important to you, then please contact the gallery with your support.



Audrey Agrusti
Mabel Bonnar
Donna Burgess
Barry Coombs
Ann Chudleigh
Wendy Dathan
Darlene Marie Foster
Jennifer Hinrichs
Doris Anne Holman
Barb Leslie
Elaine Maker
Aleda O’Connor
Dana O’Regan

David Ogilvie
Lisa Presley
Carmen Roberts
Thisbe Schenk
Rosette Schureman
Bill Schwarz
Katherine Seiden
Michael Steinhauser

Estate of Marjorie Small
Estate of Kay Tatton
Estate of Newton Rowell Bowles C.M.