Welcome to the Grand Manan Art Gallery's 2024 Season
June 2nd to September 13th

The 2024 Season Opener will feature an exhibition of pottery and painting by Sara Griffin, one of Grand Manan’s most successful artists, and amazing art by students at the Grand Manan Community School. The 2024 season will also include painting by Judith Ives, Barb Leslie, Alexis Phillips, Liz Irwin-Kenyon, David McDonald, and Deb Perry, photography by Maurice Depestre and Megan Greenlaw, and epoxy/wood creations by Brian Ingalls. This year The Island Art Show and The Square Foot Show will both run from July 14 to August 2. Click here for information and entry forms.
Our Gallery Shop has been expanded, and in addition to note cards and prints, we will be selling art books and T-shirts. Our Permanent Collection has been rehung, and the 35 pieces on display include many new acquisitions.
As always, we will be grateful for the continuing support of our members and friends. You can renew your membership, or become a new member of the Gallery, by sending a cheque for $30.00 (payable to the Grand Manan Art Gallery) to the Treasurer of the Gallery at 10 Marathon Lane, Grand Manan, E5G3A3, or by E-transfer to gmag2121@gmail.com. If you renew by E-transfer, please provide us with your email address, phone number, and postal address.
2024 Exhibition Schedule
Alexis Phillips
Sand Dollars
Meet Our 2024 Artists
Sara Griffin
Pottery & Painting
Island Art Show
Victoria Hall-Merritt
Perched Puffins
Square Foot Show
Mario Beaudoin
Bateau of Memories
Grand Manan Art Gallery 21 Cedar Street Grand Manan, NB E5G 2C3 506-662-3662
2024 Hours
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Monday – Saturday) 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (Sunday) Wheelchair Accessible
$2.00 for Adults Children under 12 are free Members enjoy unlimited access at all times.
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