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Dale Cook has filled her life with creativity from an early age. It defines her as a person and brings fulfilment and meaning to her every day. As with her parents, Dale has always been resourceful and found true satisfaction from creative efforts. “We grew up with the attitude that if something needed fixing, or building, we would learn how to do it ourselves.”

And that is what led Dale to painting. It has been a journey of study and practice and in 2018, Dale was accepted as a juried member of the SCA, Society of Canadian Artists.

“People often remark on how talented someone is. I believe that if the desire is there, then it is the effort that results in growth. And sometimes, you connect with the spark of creativity that results in great art.”

Dale also believes in encouraging others to discover the joy of painting. She co-created the St. Paul’s Community Art Club in Rothesay, NB, a local artist’s group that hosted workshops as well as an annual show and sale. Encouraging others to overcome that initial fear and to develop their artistic skills was, and still is, a part of Dale’s objectives.

In 2009, a year-long project had a significant impact in Dale’s career. She created a series of paintings based on food security – stories of people’s struggles in third world countries. This resulted in the Art of Sharing collaboration with the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.