permanent_exhibitJoan Bouchard, Seal Cove Crick (from the Permanent Collection)

Permanent Collection

The Grand Manan Art Gallery is committed to enriching our art history through the acquisition of works for our Permanent Collection by island artists and others who depict Grand Manan and the Fundy region, our people, and our maritime traditions.

Selections from the collection are on display throughout the season, and visitors enjoy this gallery and appreciate its sentimental and historic significance.

We always welcome the donation of artwork of regional significance. We have received gifts from individuals and estate collections, and many works have been donated by exhibiting artists.

We gratefully acknowledge donations to our Permanent Collection by Aleda O’Connor, Ann Chudleigh, Audrey Agrusti, Barry Coombs, Betty Sveinson, Bill Schwarz, Carmen Roberts, Charles Savedoff, Clarence Goguan, Dana O’Regan, Darlene Marie Foster, David Ogilvie, Donna Burgess, Doris Anne Holman, Elaine Maker, Eleanor Russell, Helen Charters, Janet Ingersoll, Jaune Evans, Jennifer Hinrichs, Judy Ingalls, Junior Green, Karl and Jacqueline Epper, Katherine Seiden, Kelly Ross, Larry Vanier, Leda Arensberg, Lisa Presley, Mabel Bonnar, Mariah Sadler, Michael Steinhauser, Peter Cunningham, Rosette Schureman, Thisbe Schenk, Wade Reppert, and Wendy Dathan, and the Estates of Rowell Bowles, Kay Tatton, Marjorie Small, and Richard Harvey.