about1Photo by David Ogilvie

About Our Gallery

The Grand Manan Art Gallery was established in 1993 under the umbrella of the Grand Manan Historical Society and the leadership of Wade Reppert. The Locke family donated the land and the building which was renovated under the direction of architect John Large. The gallery was formally incorporated in 2010. Our goal is to provide island residents and visitors with the opportunity to enjoy a diversity of quality exhibits by both established and emerging artists.

We are a non-profit gallery, and a volunteer Board of Directors maintains the building, plans the exhibitions, and serves in many other ways including hanging shows, preparing press releases, making refreshments for opening receptions, and greeting visitors to the Gallery. The members of our Board of Directors are John Edwards (President), Deborah Harrison (Secretary), Alexis Phillips, Bev Ingalls, Carole Forbes, Charles Savedoff, David Ogilvie, Dawn Locke, Linda L’Aventure, Mary Hawkins, and Sara Griffin (on leave of absence). Past Presidents of the Gallery include Clyde McCulley (2012-2016), Deborah Upton Savedoff (2011-2012), and Janie Hepditch-Vannier (2011).

The Board is ably assisted by a dedicated group of volunteers. We are grateful to the following individuals who generously donated their time and talent to the Gallery in 2018: Adele Peacock, Andrea Morse, Ann Chudleigh, Dyanne Frame, Edie Mullen, Hilda Shaffleburg, Jim Anderson, John Peacock, Judy Stone, Ken Bird, Larry Locke, Linda Kling, Norma Neves, Paula Green, Perry Harvey, Ramona Stanley, Ruth Clowater, Sandor Mathé, Susian Lambert, Vern Nixon, and Wendy Dathan.

The Gallery welcomes workshops for both adults and children. Our boardroom is available to rent for educational and cultural initiatives.