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The Grand Manan Art Gallery was incorporated in 2010, and during the past 10 years we have exhibited the work of more than 100 artists in solo shows and several hundred more in 29 group shows. In addition, we have also had retrospective exhibitions of work by Lowell Brown Jr. (2011), Rowell Bowles (2012), Helen Charters (2013) Fletcher Small (2014), and Ester Oberg (2015). All of our artists and shows for the past decade are listed below.

Previous Exhibitors & Exhibitions


Ann Chudleigh, Brian Rimpilainen, David Iain McDonald, Dawn Oman, Debb Bates, Francine Voisine, Géraldine Poirier Baiani, John Draper, Karen Graca, Ktee Brown, Lisa Martin, Marie-Paule Paulin, Ruby Allan, Wendy Moore

GROUP EXHIBITS: The 6th Annual Square Foot Show and Sale, The Island Art and Artisan Show and Sale, and The Members Show and Sale.



Anna Mathis, Cathy Love, Frank Haveman, Marina Vern, Megan Greenlaw, Michael McEwing, Sandor Mathé, Susan Linton, Valwerie Byrne

GROUP EXHIBITS: GMCS Student Show, Island Art Show, 5th Annual Square Foot Show, Tidal Threads



Alexis Phillips, Allan McDonald, Anne Johnston, Carole Forbes, Edie Mullen, Heidi McLean
John Edwards, Kathy Merrithew, Lynn Doiron Cyr, Michael MacFarlane, M.J. Edwards, Simeon Posen, Wendy Dathan

GROUP EXHIBITS: 4th Annual Square Foot Show, Island Art Show



Donna Nixon, Krista Hasson, Marilee Van Nice, Natasha Miller, Nihan Basak, Penelope Patrick, Sara Griffin, Sue McCulley, Tam Greenley

GROUP EXHIBITS: GMCS Art Group, 3rd Annual Square Foot Show, Island Art Show



Gerald Cloud, Jacqueline Guthrie, Perry Harvey, Doris Ann Holman, Barbara Leslie, Bruce Newman, Ester Oberg Retrospective, Marie Turcott, Jan de Vries, Lynn Wigginton

GROUP EXHIBITS: GMCS Art Group, 2nd Annual Square Foot Show, Island Art Show



MJ Edwards, Shara Flanagan, Anna Haines Mathis, Clyde McCulley , David Ogilvie, Charles Savedoff, Fletcher Small (1917-1959), Marina Vern, Nancy Wagner , Morag Walsh

GROUP EXHIBITS: Junior Art Group, Square Foot Show, Island Art Show



Bev Cary, Jennifer Hinrichs, Martha Johnson, Michael Steinhauser, Bill Schwarz, Janie Hepditch-Vannier, Robin Rier, Jaune Evans, Peter Cunningham, Robin Cormier, Helen Charters (1930 to 2007)

GROUP EXHIBITS: Island Artists, Junior Art Club



Rowell Bowles (1916 – 2012), David Caras with Todd McKie, Brigid Toole Grant, Victoria Hall, Susan McChesney, Silverfish Photography Collective, Cedar Sky, Jude Valentine, Shoshannah White

GROUP EXHIBITS: Island Artists, Junior Art Club



Eric Allaby, Lev Berenshteyn, Lowell Brown Jr. (1912 to 1960), MJ Edwards, Donna Nixon & Group of 8, David Ogilvie, Dana O’Regan, Alexis Phillips, Rosette Schureman

GROUP EXHIBITS: Island Artists, Junior Art Club



Allan McDonald, Clyde McCulley, Jason Monroe, Jerry Brown, Nicole Wolf, Ozzie Schenk, Peter Cunningham, Sara Wormell, Susan McCulley, Terri Brown, Thisbe Schenk, Tom Stanley

GROUP EXHIBITS: The Junior Art Club, and The Island Art Show



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