Sean O’Hare, Dark Harbour Sunset

June 5 to 24

Marg Currie (Fibre Art) in the Main Gallery
Grand Manan Community School (Mixed Media Student Show) in SG01
Maboubé Hielscher (Painting) in SG02

June 26 to July 15

Janice O’Neill (Painting), and David McDonald (Painting) in the Main Gallery
Melanie Craig-Hansford (Painting) in the SG01 and SG02

July 17 to 29

The Square Foot Show

July 31 to August 19

Carol Randall (Photography) and Sean O’Hare (Photography) in the Main Gallery
Stewart Stein (Photography) in SG01
John O’Donnell (Photography) in SG02

August 21 to September 9

Anna Hergert (Fibre Art) in the Main Gallery
Chris Williams (Watercolours) in SG01
Debb Ferris Bates (Animal Portraits) in SG02

September 11 – 24

The Island Art Show