June 4 to 23

The Grand Manan Community School Show
Love for the Light, a fundraiser for the Swallowtail Lighthouse Restoration Fund

June 25 to July 14

David Ogilvie, Photography
Donna Zwicker, Watercolours
Three Potters (Alison Ogilvie, Roz Leslie, Karey Ingalls)

July 16 to 28

The Island Art Show, Mixed Media

July 30 to August 18

Gina Healy, Painting
Peter Cunningham, Photography
Ara Fitzgerald, Writing and Drawing

August 20 to September 8

The Paleolythic Painters, Mixed Media
Sarah Cole, Photography
Barry Coombs, Watercolours

September 10 – 24

The 10th annual Square Foot Show, Mixed Media