dalecookDale Cook, Atlantic Wave (a triptych)


An Online Gallery by Dale Cook

Saint John artist Dale Cook was hard at work during the past winter preparing an exhibit for the Grand Manan Art Gallery, and we were all disappointed when our season was cancelled because of health concerns relating to Covid-19. Dale added the paintings to her inventory at Handworks Gallery in Saint John, but she has kindly given us permission to post them here on our website as a virtual gallery. Our viewers can now enjoy her work, and we will pass offers to purchase along to Handworks.

Dale was born and raised in Quispamsis, N.B, and has been a lifelong advocate for maritime art. While painting began as a hobby, it quickly became a consuming force in Dale’s life. It has been a journey of dedicated study and practice, and in 2018, Dale was accepted as a juried member of the Society of Canadian Artists.

Dale says, “I’ve painted in all mediums, but oil has a quality that suits my style best.” Dale is well known for her seascapes and landscapes, and she has also discovered the joy of painting figurative art, the excitement of seeing a character come alive on canvas; the challenge of capturing light reflected on skin and the shadows that define the shapes. When creating art, Dale’s process is both technical and emotional. “I want to define the why I want to paint something. What am I feeling about the scene?” The painting “Resilience” is a fine example of how Dale has represented that head/heart practice.

Dale’s work for The Lure of the Sea is based on scenes of her beloved Maritime shores, and on the wordplay; to entice or bait. Whether the artwork highlights the azure water colours and frothy foam, or the activity of fishermen as they reap the harvest of the seas, Dale uses her skills to bring alive her appreciation of the beauty and connection with what she describes as “Memories of summers swimming at the lake, running on the warm sand of the beaches, the chill of the Atlantic numbing our legs, the smells, sounds, evoking excitement, peace, joy and above all, a sense of home.”

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