testimonials2Janie Hepditch-Vannier, Grand Manan Farmers Market


“I simply love this little art gallery… they do a great job of focussing on and featuring many talented local artists throughout the course of the summer every year. The art ranges in subject matter and talent levels, but all do a good job of reflecting maritime life, culture and peculiarities.”

- Fredericton, New Brunswick

“We were very impressed with the quality of the art on display, the facility (airy and bright rooms, well maintained and with an easy flow in this small space), and the volunteer staff. Go and enjoy.”

- Bangor, Maine

“Wonderful colours, spaces, impressions!”

- Montreal, Quebec

“I loved the warmth of the people painted by Janie Vannier. Thanks!”

- Grand Lake, Nova Scotia

“Wonderful artist works this year. The gallery is such a welcome addition to the island.”

- Falls Church, Virginia

“A great little collection of artists.”

- Massachusetts, USA

“We always stop for a visit here every summer while on Grand Manan. The staff is friendly and they always seem to be showcasing some lovely art.”

- Woodstock, New Brunswick

“We were fortunate enough to attend the opening reception of a landscape exhibit. What an experience to meet the artists. This is one of those hidden away, but not to be missed places.”

- Colchester, Vermont

“You have a wonderful gallery.”

- Bermuda

“For such a small island, the art gallery was impressive in size and scope. Worth a visit!!”

- Toronto, Ontario

“You never think that you would find great art work when you go to visit a small island but that is exactly what you get here. Be prepared to spend some time here to really take in and appreciate the art work at this great island gallery.”

- Boston, Massachusetts