featured artists 2018

Anna Mathis
Anna Mathis demonstrating wearable fibre art

Anna Mathis shows wearable fibre art

Anna Mathis is an international award winner for her textile designs and has shown and sold her work in galleries across Canada. She is an occasional instructor at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and travels to teach textile workshops around the Maritimes. You can find her at various fiber festivals including TWIST, in Quebec, the Maritime Spinners retreat, and the Nova Scotia Fiber Arts Festival. Anna is passionate about sharing her craft and selling fiber arts tutorials, supplies, as well as wearable art.

Anna Says “In my work, I want to share an outlet for self-expression. Whether this is through my teaching; passing on the knowledge for others to create on their own, or by allowing the viewer to find a piece of themselves in my art work. I exaggerate, use vibrant colours and feminine forms, felt ruffles, and create visual and 3D textures using hand dyed wool, cottons and silks.”

Frank Haveman
Playground by Frank Haveman

Playground by Frank Haveman

Frank is an Ottawa artist. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art in Graphic Design, and worked as a graphic/exhibit designer with the Canadian Government Exhibition Commission, and the Information Canada Federal Identity Program.

From 1971 to 2001 he served as Art Director with Bell-Northern Research/ Nortel. Frank has previously exhibited his work at the Grant Gallery in Winnipeg, and he participated in the Square Foot Art Show at the Grand Manan Art Gallery in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Frank says, “My work is inspired by events, surroundings and social dialogue translated into spatial divisions and colour.”

Marina Vern
Marina Vern

Marina Vern

Marina is the owner-operator of Marina Vern Collectibles, a family-friendly, studio and gift shop on Grand Manan Island that features handmade, visual art.

Her work is often on display at the Grand Manan Art Gallery, and her ceramic piece Below was chosen as the most popular piece in the 2017 Square Foot Exhibition at the Gallery.

Marina has designed and produced a popular line of pottery that is glazed with her signature blue-green glaze. She says, “I love to work on the potter’s wheel, creating functional pottery. Seeing my pottery in someone’s kitchen or on their dinner table brings me enormous joy!

I also love hand-built whimsical items which will make people smile. It is very rewarding to combine two techniques: wheel throwing and hand building, that’s how my popular French salt cellars are made. Teaching pottery is my other passion.”

Megan Greenlaw
Swallowtail by Megan Greenlaw

Swallowtail by Megan Greenlaw

Megan is a hobbyist photographer whose main inspiration is her home – the beautiful Island of Grand Manan, and its many scenic views. She also likes to get up close and capture unlikely facets of her subjects. She strives to deliver the magic that catches her eye.

Megan is the owner/operator of Megan’s Munchkins Childcare on Grand Manan. When she is not busy helping children’s minds grow, she is out capturing unique photos. Before she became a caregiver, Megan was a lobster fisher for four consecutive seasons, and this venture provided many photo opportunities. Some of her favourite works were the “Creature of the Day” – sea creatures that were hauled up in the lobster traps. It was a surprise each time her coworkers saved unique specimens for her to photograph before she set them free.

Whether the photos that get captured are tiny subjects or grand landscapes, Megan is somehow able to shift the viewers perspective. She says, “I try to capture through the lens, what catches my eye. Sometimes the moment passes before I am able to capture it just right. My perspective allows others to see the magic that catches my curiosity.

Michael McEwing
Michael at work in his studio

Michael at work in his studio

Michael McEwing is an artist and art educator currently working in Carleton County, NB. He received his Fine Arts degree from Mount Allison University, and Education and Arts degrees from the University of New Brunswick.

Michael strives to promote the arts in his community and within the field of education. He has worked as a Visual Art teacher and Fine Arts Lead in the Anglophone West School District, and he conducts art and art education-related workshops throughout the province. In 2008, he co-founded the River Valley Arts Alliance (RiVA), whose flagship event is the annual Dooryard Arts Festival in Woodstock.

Michael says, “Painting landscapes is the most effective way for me to communicate experiences in nature, using colour and brushstrokes as my vocabulary. In painting these scenes, I hope to transport the viewer to these discoveries and instill in them a similar sense of awe and reverence for what I’ve encountered there.

Beginning in 2013, Michael visited all the New Brunswick Nature Trust preserves and created a series of paintings that were inspired by his adventures and experiences. This Conservation on Canvas project spanned four years, and in 2017 Michael completed his last painting for a total of 33. The exhibition opened at the New Brunswick Museum in October of 2017 to much acclaim, and in 2018 it will go on a province-wide tour with stops at theAndrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery (Florenceville-Bristol), Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre (Saint Andrews), Grand Manan Art Gallery/ Grand Manan Museum (Grand Manan), and Government House (Fredericton).

Post Volcanic Activity Created Beech Hill by Sandor Mathe

Post Volcanic Activity Created Beech Hill by Sandor Mathe

In addition to a long corporate career as a software developer, Sandor has been practising art and creative pursuits since childhood, nurtured by his father Louis who was a ceramic artist, philosopher and visionary.

During the eighties and nineties, Sandor was a member of the Toronto Focal Forum, often judging and administrating as well.
In 2016 he created Rocinante, the Grand Manan Art Gallery’s first outdoor driftwood sculpture. Inspired by the story of Don Quixote’s horse, the sculpture has spoken to many viewers with its suggestions of freedom and humour. Sandor’s exhibit at the Gallery will present a combination of painting, photography and ceramics.

Susan Linton
Perfect Landing by Susan Linton

Perfect Landing by Susan Linton

Susan says, “I have been an artist my whole life. During childhood my first recollection of inner joy was when I had a pencil in my hand and could sketch until my heart’s content. My turning point came later in life when I was able to devote all my time to my passion exploring the wonders of colour and movement. Although I dabbled with various media over time, I became stirred by watercolour. I took my first watercolour instruction in the 1980′s from Molly Bobak, an internationally recognized watercolour artist. She taught me to contemplate the unremarkable and see the unseen.

I keep renewing my fascination and absorption of this wondrous medium within the supporting artistic community of Fredericton by participating in a weekly gathering of like-minded artists. As well, I have continued to study and experiment with watercolour by taking courses in Canada and elsewhere when a workshop or instruction intrigues me. My sage Carole Forbes, a well-known talented Canadian artist and dear friend, has always through her teaching, guidance and support provided me with constant inspiration.

In my home studio I explore the light and vibrancy of colour. It is a place where I find solace and excitement as I explore my passion. I will always be where I want to spend my days, and it is a special place that allows me to be the artist I am.

My works are displayed in local businesses and in personal collections across Canada. Over the years I have donated, and will continue to do so, artwork to various charities within New Brunswick for their fund raising events. I find great satisfaction when my watercolours can benefit others, and others can find personal joy in my work.”

Tidal Threads
Setting Day, a Tidal Threads quilt that was purchased for the New Brunswick Museum's quilt collection

Setting Day, a Tidal Threads quilt that was purchased for the New Brunswick Museum’s quilt collection

The Tidal Threads Quilt and Needlework Guild consists of creative women on Grand Manan who knit, quilt, weave, hook rugs, cane chairs, embroider, and generally love working with fibre of all kinds.

They meet weekly to share ideas, inspire one another, and enjoy the fellowship of like minds.

The Guild recently received provincial recognition when one of its original design quilts was purchased by the New Brunswick Museum to be added to the Contemporary Quilt Collection.

The Guild welcomes new members and visitors any time. You may join them at the North Head Baptist Church hall on Thursday mornings from 9:30 to noon

Valerie Byrne
Pears by Valerie Byrne

Pears by Valerie Byrne

Valerie received her first formal art instruction from the noted New Brunswick artist, R.H. Nicholson, and through this program she became familiar with various media including watercolor, pen and ink, charcoal, pastels and oil. She has also participated in art groups under the guidance of Patricia Kennedy and Carole Forbes where she learned techniques associated with ink tense and acrylics. In 2016-17, Valerie received additional training at the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design under the guidance Marcus Kingston.

Valerie enjoys working with acrylics and oils as she finds these two media are particularly effective for blending colours and textures. Her preferred subject areas include flowers, still life, and landscapes.

Valeries says, “I never know where the inspiration for my next painting will come from. I am drawn to vibrant colors and eye-catching scenery. I find myself increasingly in tune with the multitude of hues and shading that appear in our natural landscape. The freshness of spring with trees and flowers in bloom, and the beauty of a Maritime fall with foliage bursting in color would be inspirational to many and I am no exception. For me, time seems to stand still as I become immersed in my canvas.”